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      Q. How do you secure kids gloves?

      To secure kids gloves effectively, Kushi-riki recommends ensuring a snug fit without being too tight, using gloves with adjustable opening or elastic wrist leash that is worn under the gloves. Kids gloves with extended cuffs can be tucked under or over jacket sleeves to keep snow out and helps them stay in place. Additionally, consider attaching gloves to each other with snaps to prevent loss.

      Q. Why are they called kid gloves?

      The term "kid gloves" originally referred to gloves made from the soft, delicate leather of young goats, known as kids. At Kushi-riki, "kids gloves" emphasizes the gentle, protective nature of our products, designed specifically for children’s hands. This ensures comfort and protection during outdoor activities, keeping their hands safe and warm.

      Q. What are the safety precautions for gloves?

      When selecting gloves for children, Kushi-riki emphasizes the importance of a proper fit to avoid restricted movement and ensures the materials used are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. Kids gloves should also be adequately insulated to protect from cold temperatures and have a wind & waterproof but breathable membrane. Lastly, they all have a clean design, with nothing dangling to get caught on something.

      Q. When should kids wear gloves?

      Kids should wear gloves during any outdoor activity in cold weather to prevent frostbite and keep their hands warm and dry. Kushi-riki’s kids gloves are perfect for winter sports, playing in the snow, or even on windy days. The Liner gloves and mittens are also useful for protecting hands during activities like gardening, biking, or helping with outdoor chores.

      Q. What size gloves for children?

      Choosing the correct size of gloves for children is crucial. Kushi-riki provides a detailed sizing option on our website, helping parents find the perfect fit based on the child's age. The sizing to age is usually very accurate.

      • XXS AGE - 2/3
      • XS AGE - 4/5
      • S - AGE 6/7
      • M - AGE 8/9
      • L - AGE 10/11
      • XL - AGE 12/13

      Properly sized kids gloves ensure comfort and efficiency, allowing free movement while providing the necessary protection.

      Q. Which are warmer gloves or mittens?

      Mittens generally provide more warmth than gloves because they trap heat more effectively by keeping fingers together. Kushi-riki offers both kids gloves and mittens, ensuring a range of options for varying levels of warmth and dexterity. Mittens are ideal for extremely cold conditions, while gloves offer better flexibility for activities.

      Q. When were kid gloves popular?

      Kid gloves gained popularity in the 19th century, symbolizing elegance and gentility. At Kushi-riki, we carry forward this tradition of quality and care into our kids gloves collection, combining historical craftsmanship with modern materials to provide superior protection and comfort for children today.

      Q. How to get kids gloves to stay on?

      Ensuring kids gloves stay on can be a challenge. Kushi-riki designs kids gloves with features like adjustable straps, elastic wrists, and extended cuffs that can be secured under or over jacket sleeves. Additionally, toddlers have the most difficulty keeping mittens on. So, we created the stay-put elastic banding that is inside only for the 2/3 age. They will never notice it’s on under their mittens, and it works by keeping their mittens on - genius!

      Q. Are waterproof gloves good for winter?

      Yes, waterproof gloves are excellent for winter as they keep hands dry in snow and slushy conditions. Kushi-riki's waterproof kids gloves are designed to maintain warmth while preventing moisture from seeping in, ensuring that children’s hands stay comfortable and dry during outdoor winter activities. Also, if their hand starts to sweat the moisture wicking fleece lining will pull that moisture away from the hand and the membrane will help with that. After sweating you can cool down and get cold quick in winter weather, so our gloves help prevent that.

      Q. What are the differences between gloves and mittens for kids?

      The primary difference between gloves and mittens lies in their design and functionality. Gloves have individual finger slots, offering better dexterity, while mittens keep fingers together, providing more warmth. Kushi-riki offers both options, allowing parents to choose based on their child’s specific needs and the outdoor conditions.

      Q. Why are gloves better than mittens?

      Gloves offer better dexterity and flexibility, allowing children to perform tasks that require individual finger movements, such as zipping a coat or handling small objects. Kushi-riki’s kids gloves are designed to balance warmth with functionality, making them ideal for activities where movement and grip are important.

      Q. What are the warmest gloves?

      The warmest gloves are typically well-insulated, waterproof, and have a good fit to prevent heat loss. Kushi-riki’s selection of kids gloves includes options with advanced insulation materials and design features that maximize warmth, ensuring children’s hands stay protected even in the coldest conditions.

      Q. How should children be protected from the cold?

      To protect children from the cold, it’s essential to dress them in layers, including a warm hat, neck gaiter, and insulated gloves or mittens. Kushi-riki recommends using our high-quality kids gloves to ensure their hands are well-protected. Proper clothing, combined with minimizing exposure time in severe conditions, will keep children safe and comfortable.