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      The greatest changes in our lives are the ones that spill beyond our hearts.

      In the spring of 2015, Austin was traveling in Asia when he learned of the earthquake that had just struck Nepal. In its aftermath, images of children in need spread throughout the news. And Austin knew he had to help.

      He had always hoped to improve the lives of children across the globe. Yet the events in Nepal elicited a sense of urgency and a strong desire to translate this vision into a reality.

      The earthquake had upended thousands of lives, and families were now struggling to survive. As he heard the stories of these families, Austin couldn’t help but to think of his own.

      Throughout the past decade, Austin and his wife, Brandi, had founded and led CG Habitats and CandyGrind, companies dedicated to crafting premium apparel and snowboard accessories. Each day, they balanced raising their two small children with designing products and running the companies. At their headquarters, crayons and coloring books were just as common as fabric samples.

      As Austin continued traveling to the companies’ factories, he searched for a way to help the children of Nepal, as well as others in need. While visiting a factory that made children’s gloves, he realized how he could make a difference. By leveraging his knowledge and experience in crafting the best gloves, he could develop a brand that not only kept children warm, but also improved their lives. The factory he was visiting also saw the potential in such an approach. Thus, Kushi-riki was born.

      Kushi-riki crafts exceptional products for children – and then donates one hundred percent of its healthy profit goals to thoughtful partners who serve them. With a focus on health and education, these nonprofit organizations work relentlessly to ensure all children have the lives and opportunities they deserve. Currently, Kushi-riki focuses on the same products on which CandyGrind and CG Habitats built their reputations – gloves.

      The design and craftsmanship of these products is perfectly paired with the company’s mission. Simply put, Kushi-riki aims to share the love and share the warmth.